Allan P Jones

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BACKGROUND UK residents' healthcare is free of charge but uptake varies. Cancer survival is inferior to that of other Western European countries. We have used cancer registry data to assess factors associated with access to diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer in northern England. METHOD We assigned 34 923 lung cancer patients diagnosed between 1994 and(More)
BACKGROUND There is a need for simple imaging parameters capable of predicting therapeutic outcome. METHODS This retrospective study analysed 50 patients with locally advanced carcinoma of the cervix who underwent dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI before receiving potentially curative radiotherapy. The proportion of enhancing pixels (E(F)) in the whole-tumour(More)
Researchers have commonly assumed benefits that employees view as more valuable have a greater influence on their attitudes and behaviors. Researchers have used 2 common methods to measure benefit value: attaching a monetary value to benefits and using self-reports of benefit importance. The present authors propose that the 2 approaches are conceptually(More)
BACKGROUND Few international population-based studies have provided information on potential determinants of international disparities in cancer survival. This population-based study was undertaken to identify the principal differences in disease characteristics and management that accounted for previously observed poorer survival in English compared with(More)
Developing and validating a road travel time network for cost path analysis.posure opportunities: Estimating relative risk for motor neurone disease in Finland. almost. De~ographyi s an in~eren~ly spatial science, since it always deals WIth human populations In a defined geographic region, but spatial analysis has thus far played only a small role in the(More)
We wish to report an adverse effect of frequent administration of anthracycline cytotoxic drugs, affecting both nails and the palmar and plantar skin. Case 1 J.K., a 70-year-old woman, presented with liver metastases from a carcinoma of uncertain origin. She received chemo-therapy including doxorubicin (Adriamycin) at a dose of 20mg per square metre per(More)
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