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The Federal Systems Division of IBM is in the midst of a significant program to provide its software personnel advanced education in the use of modern software engineering practices. Most of today's computer science graduates have a far greater understanding of these advances, their mathematical basis and their application, than do programmers in industry,(More)
CAAS is a rule-based expert system, which provides advice on the Victorial Credit Act 1984. It is currently in commercial use, and has been developed in conjunction with a law firm. It uses an object-oriented hybrid reasoning approach. The system was initially prototyped using the expert system shell NExpert Object, and was then converted into the C++(More)
This article argues for the prematurity of any dismissal of the notion of authenticity as meaningful within popular music discourse. It synthesises a range of views as to how authenticity is constructed, and offers a tri-partite typology dependent on asking who, rather than what, is being authenticated. It focuses on rock and folk genres, but also argues(More)
OBJECTIVES Non-compliance with neuroleptic medication in schizophrenia is a major cause of relapse. A number of sociodemographic variables, and illness, attitudinal and treatment variables, have been demonstrated to be associated with non-compliance. The present study examined a range of these variables and their predictive value in determining past and(More)
Traumatic knee injuries in automobile accidents and sports often lead to damage of the peroneal nerve. A lack of control of muscles innervated by the peroneal nerve due to this damage, results in the inability to dorsiflex and evert the foot and to extend the toes. This condition is commonly known as foot drop. Foot drop reduces the stability in the body(More)
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