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This paper intends to provide a basis for the discussion and development of an Open Source Initiative for a ldquoFramework for distributed industrial automation and control (4DIAC) based on the new IEC 61499 standard. The general understanding of the authors is that an open source strategy is an adequate means for pushing current developments within the(More)
The automation of plants and machines is becoming more and more complex due to the extensive usage of intelligent field devices as for instance programmable actuators and sensors. The graphical programming languages used are typically for the automation domain, and control applications tend to be become increasingly complex which results in higher(More)
The aim of this paper is to describe a multi-domain model-driven embedded systems design approach which is applicable to the domain of complex Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS). The special requirements of the industrial automation sector are taken into account by this novel approach, utilizing existing model-driven techniques. This is(More)
Industrial automation (IA) is the vast area of embedded computing devoted to industrial applications. Apart from many tailored solutions (numerical controllers, hardware controllers, etc.) the scene is dominated by programmable logic controllers, widely known by the abbreviation PLC, which represent the most widespread class of embedded computing platforms.(More)
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