Allan Maltbie

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This study substantiates previous reports that low platelet MAO activity is associated with alcoholism. The results also indicate that low platelet MAO activity in alcoholic probands is associated with a higher prevalence of psychiatric hospitalization in first-degree family members as well as alcoholism and suicide attempts among alcoholics.(More)
There are now several studies in the literature which document low blood platelet monoamine oxidase (MAO) activity in alcoholics. However, these reports are in disagreement as to the stability of reduced enzyme activity over time. The present study provides evidence that reduced platelet MAO activity in alcoholics is a relatively stable phenomenon,(More)
Platelet-monoamine-oxidase activity predicts treatment response to lithium in manic-depressive illness. In the treatment-responsive group enzyme activity is similar to that in normal controls, whereas in the treatment-refractory group enzyme activity is significantly less than both control and treatment-responsive groups.
The successful management of 5 consecutive patients with intractable phantom limb pain is described. The main therapy is a combination of a narcotic and antidepressant. Medication remained effective during the average observation time of 22 months. There were no signs of habituation or addiction. We conclude that narcotics can be safely and successfully(More)
OBJECTIVE The goal of this study was to measure the predictive value of applicant evaluations for a psychiatry residency in terms of the subsequent performance of those who matriculated in the program. METHOD The match lists for resident cohorts beginning their course of training over 4 years were divided into thirds, which served as our primary,(More)