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In any partially inbred population, 'junctions' are the loci that form boundaries between segments of ancestral chromosomes. Here we show that the expected number of junctions per Morgan in such a population is linearly related to the inbreeding coefficient of the population, with a maximum in a completely inbred population corresponding to the prediction(More)
This paper proposes a robust, low-cost, sensor based system that is capable of recognising sitting postures and placing them in correspondence with sitting activities. This system is also capable of predicting subsequent activities for individual users. Force Sensing Resistors are mounted on the seat and back of a chair to gather the hap tic (i.e.,(More)
This document will describe the current status on the search for factors of Smaranda.che consecutive numbers and their reverse. A complete list up to index 200 will be given, with all known factors. Smarandache numbers are the concatenation of the natural numbers from one up to the given index, and reverse Smaranda.che numbers are the concatenation of the(More)
Low breeding success has been associated with declines in population and range of the re-introduced Capercaillie Tetrao urogallus in Scotland. Annual breeding success from 26 Scottish forests surveyed between 1991 and 2009 averaged only 0.6 chicks per female, the lowest rate recorded in 16 previous studies. Reduced breeding success was due to proportionally(More)
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