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We evaluated full-field electroretinograms from members of a family with X-linked cone degeneration. The 15-year-old propositus had near normal visual acuity and a protan deficiency. His maternal grandfather and great uncle had a visual acuity of 20/200, a deficiency in color vision, and signs of macular degeneration; all had normal rod electroretinographic(More)
We recorded full-field electroretinograms from a family with two daughters with microcephaly and chorioretinal degeneration and a third daughter and mother with microcephaly without chorioretinal degeneration. The two siblings with inferior chorioretinal degeneration showed electroretinographic responses to 0.5-Hz white light that were reduced 60% to 70%(More)
This Letter reports on a systematic study of β-decay half-lives of neutron-rich nuclei around doubly magic (208)Pb. The lifetimes of the 126-neutron shell isotone (204)Pt and the neighboring (200-202)Ir, (203)Pt, (204)Au are presented together with other 19 half-lives measured during the "stopped beam" campaign of the rare isotope investigations at GSI(More)
We report on a gamma-ray coincidence analysis using a mixed array of hyperpure germanium and cerium-doped lanthanum tri-bromide (LaBr3:Ce) scintillation detectors to study nuclear electromagnetic transition rates in the pico-to-nanosecond time regime in 33,34P and 33S following fusion-evaporation reactions between an 18O beam and an isotopically enriched(More)
A systematic study of the population probabilities of microsecond isomers produced following the fragmentation of 208 Pb projectiles at 1 GeV/nucleon has been undertaken at the SIS/FRS facility at GSI Darmstadt. Gamma decays from approximately 20 isomeric states, mainly in the rare-earth and transitional nuclei with Aϳ180, were identified and the(More)
This paper reviews a number of aspects of Digital Watermarking. Watermarking can be applied to many digital documents to protect against copyright infringements, including image, text and video formats. Image watermarking is commonly applied in the spatial and transform domains to achieve robust protection. Watermarking also has a role in legal aspects(More)
One-neutron knockout reactions have been performed on a beam of radioactive ^{53}Co in a high-spin isomeric state. The analysis is shown to yield a highly selective population of high-spin states in an exotic nucleus with a significant cross section, and hence represents a technique that is applicable to the planned new generation of fragmentation-based(More)
The first spectroscopy of excited states in 52Ni (T(z)=-2) and 51Co (T(z)=-3/2) has been obtained using the highly selective two-neutron knockout reaction. Mirror energy differences between isobaric analogue states in these nuclei and their mirror partners are interpreted in terms of isospin nonconserving effects. A comparison between large-scale(More)