Allan Kelly

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1 Abstract This paper introduces four patterns for use by software development companies, predominantly independent software vendors (ISVs), for growing their business and creating new products. Starting with a single product company these patterns describe how product and services are added to the market offering to create a whole product and then a(More)
1 Abstract This paper describes five widely-applicable business strategy patterns. The initiate patterns where inspired Michael Porter's work on competitive strategy (1980). By applying the pattern form we are able to explore the strategies and consequences in a fresh light. The patterns form part of a larger endeavour to apply pattern thinking to the(More)
A system contains data that must be generally available to divergent parts of the system but we wish to avoid using long parameter lists to functions or global data. Therefore, we place the necessary data in a Context Object and pass this object from function to function. Audience Encapsulated Context is principally written for software developers designing(More)
1 Abstract This paper aims to codify the vocabulary used for discussing the marketing and distribution channels used by software companies. Many of these patterns will exist inside companies but are not explicitly recognised, they exist only as tacit knowledge or embedded in practice. The vocabulary presented here is part of a larger pattern language by the(More)
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