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As well as reviewing Patterns the conference hosts a number of " Focus Groups " where participants discuss topics concerned with writing software, software development in general and related topics. In July 2005 Lise Hvatum and myself hosted over four hours of discussion over two days on the subject of " Conway's Law. " This paper describes the groups(More)
1 Abstract Author expands on earlier patterns of business strategy to investigate how patterns may cover the whole business domain. Having shown earlier how patterns may be used to characterise corporate strategy the author is now seeking to drill down into implementation, from large-scale patterns down to smaller ones.
1 Abstract This paper builds on the author's earlier work (Kelly, 2005a, Kelly, 2005b) by adding two more business strategy patterns that describe common strategies used by technology companies; specifically software companies but the strategies should be extensible to other technology sectors. These patterns are:
1 Abstract This paper introduces four patterns for use by software development companies, predominantly independent software vendors (ISVs), for growing their business and creating new products. Starting with a single product company these patterns describe how product and services are added to the market offering to create a whole product and then a(More)
1 Abstract This paper describes five widely-applicable business strategy patterns. The initiate patterns where inspired Michael Porter's work on competitive strategy (1980). By applying the pattern form we are able to explore the strategies and consequences in a fresh light. The patterns form part of a larger endeavour to apply pattern thinking to the(More)
1 Abstract This paper describes a small pattern language that re-interprets several well-known business strategies in a pattern language form. The intention is to examine whether the pattern form can successfully be applied to business strategy concepts, and investigate whether pattern form can add to our understanding and teaching of these strategies.(More)
1 Abstract This paper aims to codify the vocabulary used for discussing the marketing and distribution channels used by software companies. Many of these patterns will exist inside companies but are not explicitly recognised, they exist only as tacit knowledge or embedded in practice. The vocabulary presented here is part of a larger pattern language by the(More)
Allan Kelly, facilities director at Guelph General Hospital in Ontario, Canada, and chairman of the Ontario Chapter of the Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society (CHES), describes how an independent water conservation assessment undertaken at the healthcare facility, and the subsequent remedial measures taken, resulted in substantial savings - both in(More)