Allan I Binder

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Most patients who present with neck pain have “nonspecific (simple) neck pain,” where symptoms have a postural or mechanical basis. Aetiological factors are poorly understoodw1 and are usually multifactorial, including poor posture, anxiety, depression, neck strain, and sporting or occupational activities.w2 Neck pain after whiplash injury also fits into(More)
As the natural history of frozen shoulder is poorly documented, a prospective study of 40 patients followed up for 40-48 months (mean 44 months) is described. The range of movement was significantly less than age- and sex-matched controls. Objective restriction was severe in five patients and mild in a further 11. Patients were often unaware that shoulder(More)
OBJECTIVES To show molecular similarity between two sequences of Proteus mirabilis (haemolysin--ESRRAL; urease--IRRET) with HLA-DR antigens (EQRRAA) which are associated with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and type XI collagen (LRREI), respectively; and, in patients with RA, to measure levels of antibody against a 16-mer synthetic peptide containing the ESRRAL(More)
Forty-two patients with frozen shoulder were followed up closely for eight months. They were all taught pendular exercises and randomly allocated to one of four treatment groups: (a) intraarticular steroids, (b) mobilisations , (c) ice therapy, (d) no treatment. This study has shown that there is little long-term advantage in any of the treatment regimens(More)
The value of pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) for the treatment of persistent rotator cuff tendinitis was tested in a double-blind controlled study in 29 patients whose symptoms were refractory to steroid injection and other conventional conservative measures. The treated group (15 patients) had a significant benefit compared with the control group (14(More)
The bacteria Proteus, Serratia, Escherichia and Pseudomonas possess sequences resembling the rheumatoid arthritis susceptibility sequence EQRRAA, but antibodies were elevated only to Proteus in 66 RA patients (P<0.001) when compared to 61 active ankylosing spondylitis patients and 60 controls.
OBJECTIVE To determine whether patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) from Bermuda and England have an increased anti-Proteus antibody titer when compared to healthy Bermudian and English controls, and to ascertain whether any increase in antibody titer is specific by testing 4 other microbes, Escherichia coli and 3 normal anaerobic bowel bacteria. (More)
Molecular mimicry has been shown between two sequences of Klebsiella pneumoniae pulD secretion protein (DRDE) with HLA-B27 (DRED) and pulA (pullulanase) enzyme (Gly-X-Pro) with types I, III and IV collagen respectively. IgG antibody levels in AS patients were elevated against 16mer synthetic peptides of HLA-B27 and pulD by enzyme immunosorbent assay (ELISA)(More)
The diagnostic criteria and nomenclature used to describe the painful stiff shoulder remain confused. Arthrographic features of capsulitis have come to be accepted as characteristic of the frozen shoulder. Increased technetium uptake has also been noted. Both features have been considered to have possible prognostic and therapeutic importance. During a(More)
Twelve patients with active Behçet's uveitis with marked deterioration of visual acuity in at least one eye were treated with cyclosporin A (CyA). An initial improvement in the severity of ocular inflammation and systemic features occurred in all cases and persisted until the dose was reduced or the drug withdrawn when a rapid recurrence of symptoms was(More)