Allan Hollander

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We describe ELVIS (the Ecosystem Location Visualization and Information System), a suite of tools for constructing food webs for a given location. We express both ELVIS input and output data in OWL, thereby enabling its integration with other semantic web resources. In particular, we describe using a Triple Shop application to answer SPARQL queries from a(More)
Understanding how to source agricultural raw materials sustainably is challenging in today's globalized food system given the variety of issues to be considered and the multitude of suggested indicators for representing these issues. Furthermore, stakeholders in the global food system both impact these issues and are themselves vulnerable to these issues,(More)
How farming systems supply sufficient nitrogen (N) for high yields but with reduced N losses is a central challenge for reducing the tradeoffs often associated with N cycling in agriculture. Variability in soil organic matter and management of organic farms across an agricultural landscape may yield insights for improving N cycling and for evaluating novel(More)
BACKGROUND Quantification of ecosystem services, such as carbon (C) storage, can demonstrate the benefits of managing for both production and habitat conservation in agricultural landscapes. In this study, we evaluated C stocks and woody plant diversity across vineyard blocks and adjoining woodland ecosystems (wildlands) for an organic vineyard in northern(More)
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