Allan Hoi Kau Yuen

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Education in journalism emphasizes internships, apprenticeships, and other opportunities to learn journalism by doing journalism; however, most computer-mediated communication tools do not have such a provision. The fully open structure of Wiki matches the principles of learning journalism while, from a technical point of view, Wiki provides a very easy way(More)
Although online learning environments are perceived to facilitate knowledge sharing among individuals, various empirical studies find that participants do not log on frequently or are reluctant to share ideas with others. It is thus crucial for educators to understand when and how online knowledge sharing occurs. Prior model framework has been adapted to(More)
While online communities of various nature proliferate in cyberspace, our understanding of the reasons underlying their success or failure is still at the initial stage. The present study contributes to this area through examining an abortive attempt to build an online learning community of part-time postgraduate students. The objective is to identify(More)