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Task models, which have been designed for activity modeling, are used in different ways, for interactive system evaluation or design. In this work, we present a pilot study on task-based prototyping. We show how leaning on task models may make collaborative work easier between business experts and software designers, for identifying precise required(More)
Task models draw benefit from a growing interest for interactive system design. One of the objectives of these models is to improve communication within the design teams and with users. Simulation tools present dynamically a task model allowing users to make execution choices. However, few studies have demonstrated the benefits of these tools. We study the(More)
One major objective of task modeling is to improve communication between design stakeholders. Current task model simulators, which require their users to understand task model notations, and provide for inappropriate information, are not really suitable for this topic. We designed ProtoTask, which allows the user to experiment task models by the way of(More)
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