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We describe a set of web-based calculators, available at http://www.CancerMath.net , which estimate the risk of breast carcinoma death, the reduction in life expectancy, and the impact of various adjuvant treatment choices. The published SNAP method of the binary biological model of cancer metastasis uses information on tumor size, nodal status, and other(More)
An increasing number of healthcare providers are adopting patient safety event reporting systems, yet leveraging these data to improve safety remains a challenge, particularly with large datasets composed of thousands of event reports. A MedStar Health research team, with expertise in data analytics and human factors, developed intuitive visualization(More)
Most healthcare systems have implemented patient safety event reporting systems to identify safety hazards. Searching the safety event data to find related patient safety reports and identify trends is challenging given the complexity and quantity of these reports. Structured data elements selected by the event reporter may be inaccurate and the free-text(More)
The US Department of Defense is facing challenges to develop the capabilities necessary to effectively operate in new operational environments. As a result, these services are seeking to partner with industry members and leverage both government and industry knowledge to develop System of Systems that can provide the desired capabilities by integrating(More)
Given the busy day-to-day schedule of families and couples, communication between loved ones is often limited to text-messaging, email, or phone calls. These forms of communication do not allow for more tangible modes of intimate expression like hugging. While previous work has explored sending tangible forms of emotion like hugging, this work has been(More)
Visualization of temporal event data is increasingly important for the analysis of a broad range of data including electronic health records, web logs, and financial data. In many analytic tasks, users need the capability to manipulate the data to reveal patterns and make insights. To support this analytic need, we introduce a novel temporal search and(More)
Medical errors are leading causes of death in the US and as such, prevention of these errors is paramount to promoting healthcare. Patient Safety Event reports are narratives describing potential adverse events to the patients and are important in identifying, and preventing medical errors. We present a neural network architecture for identifying the type(More)
The U.S. military is facing a plethora of challenges as a result of tightening procurement budgets and the need to acquire new capabilities to operate in modern war environments. This requires integrating legacy systems with developing technologies in what is loosely defined to be a System of Systems. Most Systems of Systems require some integrator to(More)