Allan Currie

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Non-accidental injury should be suspected and excluded in any infant found to have intracranial and retinal haemorrhage of unknown aetiology. This can be a sensitive issue for both medical staff and parents. We present a case in which the underlying cause of intracranial and retinal haemorrhage was fibromuscular dysplasia. It was a diagnosis made only at(More)
Six outbreaks of infectious syphilis in the United Kingdom, ongoing since 2012, have been investigated among men who have sex with men (MSM) and heterosexual men and women aged under 25 years. Interventions included case finding and raising awareness among healthcare professionals and the public. Targeting at-risk populations was complicated as many sexual(More)
We identified Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli (STEC) as the likely etiologic pathogen for chronic diarrhea in 2 patients, 1 of whom was immunocompromised with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, and 1 of whom was immunocompetent. Both were treated with antibiotics, and neither developed systemic complications of the infection. These cases suggest(More)
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