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PURPOSE Although many studies have shown a subjective preference for yellow lenses, there has been little success in determining the clinical nature of this benefit. METHOD Contrast sensitivity, color vision, accommodative-convergence, and visual acuity were measured in a group of 20 young subjects along with subjective rating of their perception through(More)
The relationship between age-specific mortality rates and some indices of health facilities and some environmental and dietary factors has been studied in 18 developed couuntries. The indices of health care are not negatively associated with mortality, and there is a marked positive association between the prevalence of doctors and mortality in the younger(More)
AIM To determine the most reliable and consistent method and time interval over which to implement a vision impairment quality of life assessment tool. METHODS 117 patients with low vision aged 9-101 years were assigned into three age, sex, and visual function matched groups (n = 39 in each) to answer the Low Vision Quality of Life (LVQOL) questionnaire(More)
PURPOSE To design and validate a vision-specific quality-of-life assessment tool to be used in a clinical setting to evaluate low-vision rehabilitation strategy and management. METHODS Previous vision-related questionnaires were assessed by low-vision rehabilitation professionals and patients for relevance and coverage. The 74 items selected were(More)
In a 30 year follow up study of 8526 men aged 20 and over in the Rhondda Fach 99.9% of the population was traced. Generally, the results are similar to those found in a 20 year follow up of the same subjects. Miners and ex-miners had an excess mortality compared with non-miners, but within the former only those who had had categories B and C pneumoconiosis(More)
The most recent paper about gastric cancer in south Wales is that by Craven et al who covered the extensive publications on the subject, noting, for example, the pronounced social class relation and the high SMRs in certain occupational groups such as miners.1 They also discuss the paper by Stukonis and Doll, which suggests that hard work and a healthy(More)
The results of a randomized controlled trial of a single daily dose of acetyl salicylic acid (aspirin) in the prevention of reinfarction in 1,239 men who had had a recent myocardial infarct were statistically inconclusive. Nevertheless, they showed a reduction in total mortality of 12% at six months and 25% at twelve months after admission to the trial.(More)