Allan Christian Petersen

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A synoptic survey of the distribution and abundance of occurrence of bloom-forming Cyanobacteria in 55 lakes in the Republic of Ireland revealed strong positive correlations with the traditional trophic gradient. Analysis of the data shows that the perceived trophic state may be correctly viewed as a function of phosphorus availability. The distribution of(More)
Nine laboratories in eight countries tested 16 batches of common mussels (Mytilus edulis) over a 32 week period in order to find an alternative to the Most Probable Number (MPN) technique to enumerate E. coli. The alternatives investigated included the 3M Petrifilm system, the Merck Chromocult agar method and a Malthus conductance technique. The Petrifilm(More)
The correction term for the precursor ion signal width in determination of kinetic energy release is reviewed and the correction term is formally derived. The derived correction term differs from the traditionally applied term. An experimental finding substantiates the inaccuracy in the latter. The application of the 'T-value' to study kinetic energy(More)
We have tested four newly developed 3D advection schemes named Mol-rg, Split-u, Split-us and Split-rg. We compared these schemes with Slopes and Second Moment. Mol-rg and Split-rg make use of a reduced grid, a grid with less cells near the poles, to overcome the well known pole-singularity. Two tests were performed with all schemes: the solid-body rotation(More)
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