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† We are grateful to Jurek Konieczny, the discussant at the Central European University Conference in Budapest on " Microeconomic Pricing and the Macroeconomy " for useful and constructive comments. We also thank the conference participants, and especially Julio Rotemberg for numerous insightful conversations, and Paroush provided helpful comments during(More)
Many universities use Symantec Ghost to image PCs in their campus computer labs. However, issues related to network traffic, multicasting, and file size create numerous difficulties when transferring image files.Tim Leamy at University of California, Davis (UC Davis) created a system using Microsoft's Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) to(More)
The Academic Computing Department of Stanford University Libraries has deployed a collaborative software package in the 24-hour accessible lounge in Meyer Library. The installation, dubbed TeamSpace, is the product of a team of research graduate students led by Stanford Computer Science Professor Armando Fox and was originally developed as an open source,(More)
We all have implemented projects and/or services that haven't gone quite as well as we had hoped. In some cases, they have gone completely sideways, and the community of users have a bad taste left in their mouths. How might one "restart" such a service and gain a new foothold with users' What rebranding methods should be considered? How much effort is(More)
It is always important for departments - at all levels, from staff to managers to directors - to constantly evaluate how well their structure matches the needs of the institution. Sometimes changes are needed, and sometimes the transition from one model to the next can be less than smooth. At Menlo College, because of a number of staff changes - including(More)
The interpretation of a percentage change often hinges on the base value to which it is attached. The authors identify a tendency among consumers to neglect base values when processing percentage change information and investigate the implications of such base value neglect for how consumers evaluate economically equivalent offers presented in percentage(More)
  • William Hedgcock, Akshay R Rao, Haipeng, Allan Chen, Hong Kong, Allan Haipeng +6 others
  • 2008
Individuals are frequently faced with making a new choice decision after a preferred option becomes unavailable. Prior research on the " attraction effect " has demonstrated how the introduction of an option into a choice set increases the share of one of the original options. The authors examine the related but heretofore unaddressed issue of whether the(More)
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