Allan Chen

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the resources of LBNL's research programs and the In-House Energy Management Section, the Applications Team supports the deployment of advanced energy-efficient and environmentally friendly technologies in new and existing buildings. It offers expertise in state-of-the-art technologies, design, financial analysis, and project management, guided by an(More)
† We are grateful to Jurek Konieczny, the discussant at the Central European University Conference in Budapest on " Microeconomic Pricing and the Macroeconomy " for useful and constructive comments. We also thank the conference participants, and especially Julio Rotemberg for numerous insightful conversations, and Paroush provided helpful comments during(More)
  • Sourav Ray, Haipeng, Allan Chen, Mark E Bergen, Daniel Levy
  • 2006
A symmetric pricing or asymmetric price adjustment is the phenomenon where prices rise more readily than they fall. We offer and provide empirical support for a new theory of asymmetric pricing in wholesale prices. Wholesale prices may adjust asymmetrically in the small but symmetrically in the large, when retailers face cost of price adjustment. Such(More)
  • Daniel Levy, Dongwon Lee, Haipeng, Allan Chen, Robert J Kauffman, Mark Bergen
  • 2011
—We study the link between price points and price rigidity using two data sets: weekly scanner data and Internet data. We find that ''9'' is the most frequent ending for the penny, dime, dollar, and ten-dollar digits; the most common price changes are those that keep the price endings at ''9''; 9-ending prices are less likely to change than non-9-ending(More)
This paper identifies a spectrum of risk management opportunities associated with technologies and procedures that use energy more efficiently or supply renewable energy. While the economic benefits of these measures have long been of interest to energy consumers seeking to reduce their energy expenditures, we have found that they also offer a novel and(More)
The in-plane and cross-plane thermal conductivities of the cladding layers and active quantum wells of interband cascade lasers and type-II superlattice infrared detector are measured by the 2-wire 3ω method. The layers investigated include InAs/AlSb superlattice cladding layers, InAs/GaInSb/InAs/AlSb W-active quantum wells, an InAs/GaSb su-perlattice(More)
  • Haipeng, Allan Chen, Howard Marmorstein, Michael Tsiros, Akshay R Rao, Howard Marmorstein Is An Associate +5 others
  • 2012
The interpretation of a percentage change often hinges on the base value to which it is attached. The authors identify a tendency among consumers to neglect base values when processing percentage change information and investigate the implications of such base value neglect for how consumers evaluate economically equivalent offers presented in percentage(More)