Allan Chen

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the resources of LBNL's research programs and the In-House Energy Management Section, the Applications Team supports the deployment of advanced energy-efficient and environmentally friendly technologies in new and existing buildings. It offers expertise in state-of-the-art technologies, design, financial analysis, and project management, guided by an(More)
Emissions from airplanes and their potential global effects on the atmosphere have become the subject of intensive study by scientists, and are now drawing the interest of governments. Global fuel consumption has risen much faster for aviation than for other energy-use sectors. Concerns have focused on the contribution of nitrogen oxides (NO x), carbon(More)
Economic organization of the imaginary worlds depicted in popular literary works may be viewed as a mirror to public opinion on the economic organization of life. If a book becomes a bestseller , it is because the book conveys messages, feelings, and events the readers can relate to. In other words, the book's readers identify with the set of norms and(More)
This paper identifies a spectrum of risk management opportunities associated with technologies and procedures that use energy more efficiently or supply renewable energy. While the economic benefits of these measures have long been of interest to energy consumers seeking to reduce their energy expenditures, we have found that they also offer a novel and(More)
Swan's (1970) theorem predicts that consumers should be indifferent between equivalent changes in goods' prices and quantities. Empirical evidence, however, suggests that consumers often respond differently to price increases and equivalent quantity decreases. We offer a possible explanation for this puzzle by constructing and empirically testing a model in(More)
The Academic Computing Department of Stanford University Libraries has deployed a collaborative software package in the 24-hour accessible lounge in Meyer Library. The installation, dubbed TeamSpace, is the product of a team of research graduate students led by Stanford Computer Science Professor Armando Fox and was originally developed as an open source,(More)
Many universities use Symantec Ghost to image PCs in their campus computer labs. However, issues related to network traffic, multicasting, and file size create numerous difficulties when transferring image files.Tim Leamy at University of California, Davis (UC Davis) created a system using Microsoft's Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) to(More)
OBJECTIVE Due to the fundamental differences in treatment delivery, linear-accelerator-based radiosurgery can be complementary to Gamma Knife (GK) for intracranial lesions. We reviewed the effect of adding GK to an existing linear accelerator (Linac)-based radiosurgery practice and analyzed case selections for the two modalities. PATIENTS AND METHODS UC(More)