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Toxic recombination events are detected in vegetative Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells through negative growth interactions between certain combinations of mutations. For example, mutations affecting both the Srs2 and Sgs1 helicases result in extremely poor growth, a phenotype suppressed by mutations in genes that govern early stages of recombination. Here,(More)
In this study, a commercial chitosan cross-linked with glutaraldehyde (GA-chitosan) having the autofluorescent property was effectively blended with a poly (vinyl alcohol) (PVA) matrix, in the formation of a transparent and fluorescent blend film. The fluorescent efficiency of the film was enhanced with red-shifted emission band by increasing the(More)
This paper describes the design and implementation of a fuzzy nested querying system for XML databases. The research steps involved are outlined and examined. We integrated different aspects of fuzziness, web and database technology into the implementation of a prototype which covers the intended scope of a demonstration of fuzzy nested querying of(More)
The cell therapy industry is a fast-growing industry targeted toward a myriad of clinical indications. As the cell therapy industry matures and clinical trials hit their pivotal Phase 3 studies, there will be a significant need for scale-up, process validation, and critical raw material quality assurance. Part of the well discussed challenges of upscaling(More)
We measure the diffuse reflection spectrum of solid samples such as explosives (TNT, RDX, PETN), fertilizers (ammonium nitrate, urea), and paints (automotive and military grade) at a stand-off distance of 5 m using a mid-infrared supercontinuum light source with 3.9 W average output power. The output spectrum extends from 750-4300 nm, and it is generated by(More)
The medical and public concern over the use of marihuana in our society strongly reflects the fact that Cannabis sativa is indeed an exceptionally important plant. Apart from its drug and fibre products, it is economically important from ye t another aspect: that of being a serious weed in some countries, necessitating costly eradication. Botanists are(More)
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