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We define a compression distance, based on a normal compressor to show it is an admissible distance. The first theme concerns the statistical significance of compressed file sizes. Only in recent years have scientists begun to appreciate the fact that compression ratios signify a great deal of important statistical information. In applying the approach, we(More)
Butyryl cholinesterase (BCHE) is a protein belonging to ester lipase super family. It hydrolyzes choline esters in addition to its role in nerve impulse transmission. BCHE has three active sites located at 226, 353 and 456 which are responsible for acyl ester intermediate, and charge relay system. Among the three sites, 226 (serine) have been reported to(More)
–The pathological functionality of an organism is done by protein-protein interaction. In protein-protein interaction the proteins bind to each other and the binding energy is not uniformly distributed. Much of the binding energy is caused by some critical amino acids comprising of a small fraction of interfaces. An attempt is in this paper to develop basic(More)
The Human genome project raises the curtain to solve the Biological problems in much more sophisticated manner. The Biological data is huge and increasing at faster rate. The computational approach (Insilco) is much needed to analyze these huge biological data. Pattern matching emerges as a powerful tool in locating nucleotide or amino acid sequence(More)
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