Allaa R. Hilal

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The increased popularity of the proactive security paradigm aggravated the need for distributed surveillance systems. These systems are built using smart sensor networks which cover large areas of civilian concentration. Such networks need intelligent management systems to control the large number of sensor nodes and the large volume of data. Sensor(More)
The phenomenal growth rate of voice over IP applications is fueling the demand of bridging the gap between real-time QoS guarantees and QoS in ad hoc networks. Multimedia applications are designed for stable networks, with unstable mobile ad-hoc networks presenting a challenge for such applications. Real-time applications require mechanisms that guarantee(More)
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) have gained much attention in recent years, however, these networks suffer from limited energy supply and noisy wireless links. Thus, efficient energy management and noise handling are key requirements in designing WSNs. This paper proposes an interference-aware and energyaware routing algorithm such that power dissipation is(More)
Recent world events have amplified the need for safety and security against nature and man-made threats. Accordingly, the need for complex security paradigm has stimulated interest in smart pervasive surveillance networks. Such networks require intelligent management systems to control the large number of sensor nodes and the large amount of data. Sensor(More)
Modern smartphones are globally ubiquitous. As such, an increasing number of drivers have their smartphone in their vehicle while driving. These phones are equipped with powerful sensing, processing, and communication capabilities. This provides an opportunity to deploy smartphones in modern telematics and mobile telemetry technologies to enable the(More)
Efficient spectrum sensing is a crucial function in cognitive radio (CR) networks and that enables secondary users (SUs) to detect primary user (PU) activities and make a decision to utilize vacant channels in the spectrum. Cooperative spectrum sensing, which is a prominent sensing approach in the literature due to its ability to increase sensing accuracy,(More)
This paper presents a low-cost real-time lane-determination system that fuses micro-electromechanical systems inertial sensors (accelerometers and gyroscopes), global navigation satellite system (GNSS), and commercially available road network maps. The system can be used for intelligent transportation systems, telematics applications, and autonomous(More)
With millions of people suffering from dementia worldwide, the global prevalence of dementia has a significant impact on the patients' lives, their caregivers' physical and emotional states, and the global economy. Early diagnosis of dementia helps in finding suitable therapies that reduce or even prevent further deterioration of patients' cognitive(More)