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The mRNA of the precursor of laminin-binding protein (LBP) was isolated from a human embryo kidney cell line and cloned. The determined sequence of the LBP gene showed complete identity with the LBP genes isolated from human lung and large intestine cells. The human LBP was expressed by E. coli cells, and it was purified using Ni-NTA-Sepharose(More)
Site-directed mutagenesis was used to construct human adenovirus serotype 5 (Ad5) variants defective in E1A or E1B. Mutant Adel3 with deletion from E1A was markedly attenuated in permissive cell cultures regardless of the p53 status, and replicated efficiently only in cells of the complementing 293 line. Mutant Adel2 with deletion from E1B55K infected the(More)
293 and RH cells derived from human embryo kidney were infected by Venezuelan equine encephalitis and tick-borne encephalitis viruses and cDNA libraries representing cellular mRNAs induced or suppressed due to the infection were prepared using suppressive subtractive hybridization. Among the up-regulated clones the RT-PCR and Northern analyses revealed an(More)
We have developed a panel of 16 hybridomas secreting neutralizing monoclonal antibodies (Nt- MAbs) to Russian isolate (LEIV-Vlg99-27889-human) of the West Nile virus (WNV). Most of the Nt-Mabs were either IgG1 or IgG3 subtypes. Nine of the 16 neutralizing MAbs detected WNV protein E in Western blot. According to their Nt-activities, Western blot results and(More)
Five types of anti-VP35 monoclonal antibodies (MAbs), four immune sera against Marburg virus (MBGV), and 11 overlapping recombinant VP35 fragments were used to map the epitopes for VP35 of MBGV. The purified full-size recombinant VP35 was highly immunogenic and retained the B-cell epitopes that were identical to those of the viral VP35. Two major sites on(More)
Complementary DNA fragments (nucleotides 935–1475, 1091–1310, and 935–1193) encoding the N-terminal portion of glycoprotein E of West Nile virus (WNV), strain LEIV-Vlg99-27889-human, were cloned. Recombinant polypeptides of glycoprotein E (E1–180, E53–126, and E1–86) of the WNV having amino acid sequences corresponding to the cloned cDNA fragments and(More)
Recombinant polypeptide containing the 260–466 amino acid sequence of West Nile virus (WNV) strain LEIV-Vlg99-27889-human glycoprotein E (gpE, E260–466) was constructed. Immunochemical similarity between the E260–466 and gpE of WNV was proven by enzyme immunoassay (EIA), immunoblot, competitive EIA, hemagglutination inhibition, and neutralization tests(More)
260 RNA interference, which has been recently discovered, is induced by short interfering RNAs (siRNAs) 21–23 bp long in eukaryotic cells and allows expression of target genes to be effectively inhibited [1]. Doublestranded siRNA contains both the sense and antisense fragments of mRNA transcribed from the target gene. The current model of siRNA action(More)
The full-length gene for Marburg virus (MV) nucleoprotein (NP) was cloned in prokaryotic pQE32 under the control of the T5 promoter and in eukaryotic pTM1 under the control of the promoter for T7 RNA polymerase. Recombinant NP was synthesized in Escherichia coli and in human kidney cell line 293 cotransfected with recombinant vaccinia virus vTF7-3(More)