Alla V Chernova

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The IR and Raman spectra and conformations of calix[4]arene, thiacalix[4]arene and their p-tert-butyl derivatives have been analysed within the framework of scaled quantum mechanics (SQM). It is shown that the introduction of four p-tert-Bu groups into the calixarene molecules influences the relative energies of their conformers and the enthalpy of the(More)
The conformations and vibrational spectra of 2-benzylphenol have been analysed within the framework of scaled quantum mechanics. It is shown that the solid-state conformation of the 2-benzylphenol molecule corresponds to one of four potential energy minima predicted by non-empirical quantum chemical calculations for the isolated molecule. In the molten(More)
The antigen which has alpha 2-globulin mobility was identified immunochemically in leukolysate and pus extract. This antigen was localized in polymorphonuclear leukocytes by the immunofluorescence technique in the blood of healthy donors. The alpha 2-globulin of granulocytes (alpha 2GG) is not identical to lactoferrin, lysozyme, granulocyte elastase,(More)
New amphiphilic pyrimidinic macrocycles (APMs) with two (APM-1) and three (APM-2) decyl tails have been synthesized by quaternization of the bridged N. Complex examination of the APM-based systems with the help of tensiometry, conductometry, dynamic light scattering, and UV and NMR spectroscopy provides evidence for their aggregation. Calculations based on(More)
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It is demonstrated that dissolution of aminothiacalix[4]arene in chloroform results in transformation of 1,3-alternate conformation, adopted in single-crystal and bulk polycrystalline solids, to the pinched-cone form. This conformer is stabilised by the intramolecular hydrogen bonds of two distal amino-groups acting as H-donors with another two amino(More)
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