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Hepatitis C virus infection is estimated to affect over 170 million people worldwide. Standard treatment for chronic HCV involves an interferon-based preparation and ribavirin for 24 to 48 weeks. These therapeutic regimens are associated with numerous adverse events, among which constitutional and neuropsychiatric symptoms, as well as hematological(More)
We analyzed the patients files suffered from acute viral encephalitis in 39 months period: January 2000-march 2003. According to our data there was a total of 33 patients; one of them died. The most involved patients were male and of the 8-14 year group of age; for the first three month in 2003 were admitted 11 patients. Coma and seizures were the most(More)
UNLABELLED HBV virus infection is an important public health problem because of its huge transmission potential, and severe evolution to cirrhosis or liver cancer. AIM Analysis of the epidemiological and laboratory features of chronic hepatitis B virus infection. MATERIAL AND METHODS The patients with chronic hepatitis B admitted to the "Sf. Parascheva"(More)
This review presents many of numerous studies realized in the past century by Romanian researchers who contributed directly or indirectly to progress in animal anthrax specific prevention and imunological diagnosis of the disease. It is underlined Nicolae Stamatin’s great contribution; he obtained a new acapsulated and attenuated vaccinal strain of B.(More)