Alla Ustinov

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OBJECTIVE To determine the diagnostic value of markedly elevated 50-g glucose loading test results (>or=200 mg/dL) and associated perinatal outcomes. METHOD This was a retrospective cohort study of 14 771 pregnancies screened for gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) between 1988 and 2001. The positive predictive value of the 50-g oral glucose loading test(More)
The increase in the incidence of the status asthmaticus seen over the last years is caused by the growth of the prevalence and a graver course of bronchial asthma. In each specific case, the therapy should be strictly individualized and rest on the dynamic evaluation of the cardiorespiratory system. The majority of patients with a history of the status(More)
A complex examination of 60 patients with different stages of disturbances of blood circulation (by the Fontain classification) with chronic arterial insufficiency was performed. Specific features of regional hemodynamics were revealed in patient with "critical ischemia" (3rd and 4th stages of the disease). Threshold values of the "critical ischemia" were(More)
The paper describes a program for the interpretation of deviations in the acid-base state (AAS) and the estimation of the blood oxygenation levels. The program was developed for the Iskra-226 microcomputer and is intended for a direct measurement of the gas composition of the blood. The program makes it possible to calculate the AAS and the blood(More)
Blood was perfused through 2 series connected columns during immunosorption. The first column contained a mixture of immunosorbent and activated carbon, the second activated carbon only. In most patients the perfusion time was 40 min, and the volume of perfused blood 2000 ml. The procedure was performed under the conditions of operative control over the(More)
The effect of selective beta 1-adrenoblocker metoprolol, used alone or in combination with selective beta 2-adrenostimulant terbutaline, on hemodynamic and gas exchange parameters was examined in 30 patients with acute myocardial infarction (MI) and attendant chronic pulmonary obstructive diseases (CPOD). Severe gas exchange and intracardiac hemodynamic(More)
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