Alla Sapronova

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Several types of ion channels, the proteins responsible for the transport of ions across cell membranes, are described. Those of most interest are responsible for the functioning of nerve cells, and are voltage gated. Here, we propose a model for voltage gating that depends on proton transport. There are also channels that are proton-gated, of which some(More)
This study was aimed to test our hypothesis that dopamine synthesized in the neurons of the brain is delivered to the general circulation in rats during prenatal and early postnatal periods, i.e. before the establishment of the blood-brain barrier. Using the high performance liquid chromatography, it was demonstrated that the dopamine concentration and(More)
The reactivity of the pancreas in normal and in decapitated in utero fetuses from mothers with experimental diabetes was evaluated from the increased insulin secretion in vitro in response to glucose and theophylline. It was shown that B cells of the islet system in the pancreas of normal fetuses from animals with alloxan diabetes are capable to react to(More)
Using the technique of radioimmunoassay, we studied the secretion of prolactin and its control by dopaminergic system in 22-day-old rat fetuses under normal conditions and after pharmacological inhibition of dopamine receptors. In order to elucidate the origin of prolactin and dopamine participating in this process, we used decapitation and encephalectomy(More)
Differences in the pattern of the development of three enzymes of the plasma membrane have been established. The activity of Na, K-ATPase progressively increases, that of adenylate cyclase decreases, whereas the activity of 5-nucleotidase undergoes only slight changes during embryogenesis. Differences between these enzymes were also found with respect to(More)
The development of the hypothalamic catecholaminergic (CA) system during ontogenesis in rats has been studied with the isotopic biochemical technique in vitro. It has been demonstrated, that at the 15th fetal day, the CA system was functionally inactive at least in its ability for the uptake and K(+)-stimulated release of catecholamines. Since the 16th(More)
The reactivity of pancreatic B-cells of the decapitated and encephalectomized rat foetuses was determined by changes of insulin secretion in response to glucose introduction in the incubation medium. Upon removal of hypophysis together with hypothalamus in the intact rat females and females with alloxanic diabetes on the 17.5-18.5 day of prenatal(More)