Alla Sapronova

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The ANN-based mesoscale-microscale coupling model forecasts wind speed and wind direction with high accuracy for wind parks located in complex terrain onshore, yet some weather regimes remains unresolved and forecast of such events failing. The model's generalization improved significantly when categorization information added as an input. The improved(More)
An accurate prediction of wind power output is crucial for efficient coordination of cooperative energy production from different sources. Long-term ahead (from 6 to 24 hours) prediction of wind power for onshore wind parks can be achieved by using a coupled model that would bridge mesoscale weather prediction data and computational fluid dynamics. When a(More)
The results are based on the first principal modeling and calculations for HAP nanostructures as native as well surface modified, charged and having various defects (H and OH vacancies, H inter-nodes). HAP structures were studied using Local Density Approximation (LDA) method with calculations of Density of States (DOS) allow us analyzes the experimental(More)
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