Alla Sapronova

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The work deals with study of development of central and peripheral serotonin-producing systems in rat ontogenesis before and after formation of the blood-brain barrier. By the method of highly efficient liquid chromatography it has been shown that the serotonin level in peripheral blood before formation of the blood-brain barrier (in fetuses and neonatal(More)
Several types of ion channels, the proteins responsible for the transport of ions across cell membranes, are described. Those of most interest are responsible for the functioning of nerve cells, and are voltage gated. Here, we propose a model for voltage gating that depends on proton transport. There are also channels that are proton-gated, of which some(More)
The dynamics of blood plasma volume were studied for the first time in rats during ontogenesis. The significance of blood plasma volume is estimated in the transport of physiologically active substances to cells and target organs during development. The blood plasma volume was measured in male and female rats during embryogenesis on day 18 (E18), perinatal(More)
The ANN-based mesoscale-microscale coupling model forecasts wind speed and wind direction with high accuracy for wind parks located in complex terrain onshore, yet some weather regimes remains unresolved and forecast of such events failing. The model's generalization improved significantly when categorization information added as an input. The improved(More)
The study has been carried out to verify the authors' hypothesis that degeneration of dopaminergic (DA-ergic) neurons of the hypothalamic tuberoinfundibular system and concomitant development of hyperprolactinemia are accompanied by involvement of compensatory synthesis of dopamine (DA) by non-dopaminergic neurons expressing single complementary enzymes of(More)
This study was aimed to test our hypothesis that dopamine synthesized in the neurons of the brain is delivered to the general circulation in rats during prenatal and early postnatal periods, i.e. before the establishment of the blood-brain barrier. Using the high performance liquid chromatography, it was demonstrated that the dopamine concentration and(More)
The morphological changes in the development of serotonergic neurons of the dorsal raphe nuclei in the medulla oblongata was studied by immunocytochemistry in mice with knockout of 1A and 1B serotonin autoreceptors as well as monoamine oxidase A. Serotonin autoreceptors regulate electric activity of serotonergic neurons as well as the synthesis and release(More)