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Scabies is an ectoparasitic infestation by the mite Sarcoptes scabiei. Although commonly self-limiting, a fraction of patients develop severely debilitating crusted scabies. The immune mechanisms underlying the development of crusted scabies are unclear, and undertaking longitudinal infection studies in humans is difficult. We utilized a porcine model to(More)
We compared the effects of stripping and laser excision on vocal fold mucosa in cats. Of particular interest were the comparative effects of each procedure on the mucosa's sensory structures. Mucosa was stripped from one vocal fold in three cats, lased in three additional cats, and histologically examined at 1-, 2-, and 3-week intervals postoperatively.(More)
We present a unique case involving a 6-year-old female with a unilateral corneal endotheliitis-like finding, who was ultimately found to have a form of anterior diffuse infiltrating retinoblastoma with no evidence of retinal involvement. The patient's presumed endotheliitis was initially treated with topical dexamethasone and oral acyclovir without(More)
Repeated stripping of the vocal folds in patients with recurrent vocal nodules may produce permanent, negative effects on voice quality. Hoarseness can be present with no evidence of structural or functional disease on indirect laryngoscopy. A common assumption is that scar tissue has formed, though the relationship between scarring and voice quality is not(More)
INTRODUCTION To assess the anatomical changes taking place in the choroid after a scleral buckle (SB) procedure for retinal detachment repair. METHODS This cross-sectional study looked at 23 adults with a history of unilateral retinal detachment repaired with a SB or other encircling element. The subjects underwent bilateral Enhanced Depth Spectral Domain(More)
PURPOSE NewColorIris cosmetic iris implants have a record of high ocular morbidity and are no longer in use. Newer generation of iris implants, BrightOcular, have patented posterior grooves in order to decrease iris touch and facilitate aqueous flow around the implant. However, little is known about their safety despite their implantations in 10 countries.(More)
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