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OBJECTIVE Ewing's sarcoma/Primitive neuroectodermal tumor (ES/PNET) is an extraordinarily rare primary tumor in the kidney. We re-port herein the clinical, histological, and immunohisto-chemical features of a primary renal ES/PNET. METHODS A 19-year old male referred a two weeks history of constant, colic, left flank pain, and fever. A left radical(More)
We have retrospectively analyzed a series of 155 sequential cases of T1N0M0 ductal carcinomas of which 51 tumors had a ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) component for correlation between the presence of DCIS and clinicopathological variables, recurrence and patient survival. No correlations between the presence of DCIS and age, menopausal status, size,(More)
BACKGROUND To propose a new surgical technique for fixing the nasal septum to the midline, for long term prevention of nasal obstruction, in secondary and select cases of primary septoplasty. METHODOLOGY Retrospective study, within hospital medical center. PATIENTS Two hundred and twenty two patients who underwent septoplasty. Data collection occurred(More)
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