Alkiviadis Symeonidis

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Being able to clearly visualize clusters of genes provided by gene expressions over a set of samples is of high importance. It gives researchers the ability to create an image of the structure, and connections of the information examined. In this paper we present a tool for visualizing such information, with respect to clusters trying to produce an(More)
The post-transcriptional regulation of genes by microRNAs (miRNAs) is a recently discovered mechanism of growing importance. To uncover functional relations between genes regulated by the same miRNA or groups of miRNAs we suggest the simultaneous visualization of the miRNA regulatory network and the Gene Ontology (GO) categories of the targeted genes. The(More)
Over recent years the field of phylogenetics has witnessed significant algorithmic and technical progress. A new class of efficient phylogeny programs allows for computation of large evolutionary trees comprising 500–1.000 organisms within a couple of hours on a single CPU under elaborate optimization criteria. However, it is difficult to extract the(More)
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