Alkiviades Kostakis

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AIM To evaluate different types of treatment for sigmoid volvulus and clarify the role of endoscopic intervention versus surgery. METHODS A retrospective review of the clinical presentation and imaging characteristics of 33 sigmoid volvulus patients was presented, as well as their diagnosis and treatment, in combination with a literature review. RESULTS(More)
A technical innovation of a novel ureter implantation technique on rat kidney allograft transplantation is described. The left kidney graft is transplanted heterotopically into the left infrarenal position, using vascular conduits from donor abdominal aorta and inferior vena cava in continuity to renal vessels, to perform arterial and venous end-to-side(More)
Vincristine overdose (7.5 mg/m2) was accidentally administered to 3 children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Treatment included double-volume exchange transfusion, phenobarbital administered prophylactically, and folinic acid rescue 18 mg every 3 hours for 16 doses. Vincristine levels were also assayed and showed a dramatic decline in postexchange levels(More)
BACKGROUND Nowadays, more breast cancer patients want to have children after the diagnosis of cancer. The purpose of this study is to review the possibility and risks of giving birth among women with breast cancer previously treated by chemotherapy. CASE PRESENTATION Two young women aged 28 and 34 respectively, were treated in our clinic for breast(More)
Mirizzi syndrome (MS) is an uncommon complication of gallstone disease and occurs in approximately 1% of all patients suffering from cholelithiasis. The syndrome is characterized by extrinsic compression of the common hepatic duct frequently resulting in clinical presentation of intermittent or constant jaundice. Most cases are not identified(More)
BACKGROUND Cystosarcoma phylloides (CP) is an extremely rare form of breast cancer with an unpredictable clinical course. The histological characteristics of this neoplasm have not proved to offer much in the estimation of prognosis of these patients. PATIENTS AND METHODS In our clinics, in a time period of 38 years, 22 patients with cystosarcoma(More)
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