Alkis Vazacopoulos

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Supply chains continually face the challenge of efficient decision-making in a complex environment coupled with uncertainty. While plenty of forecasting and analytical tools are available in the market to evaluate and enhance Supply Chains' performance, the current functionalities are not sufficient to address issues related to efficient decision making(More)
In this paper we deal with a variant of the Job Shop Scheduling Problem. We consider the addition of release dates and deadlines to be met by all jobs. The objective is makespan minimization if there are no tardy jobs, and tardiness minimization otherwise. The problem is approached by using a Shifting Bottleneck strategy. The presence of deadlines motivates(More)
The Center for Applied Optimization at the University of Florida is an interdisciplinary center which encourages joint research and applied projects among faculty from engineering, mathematics and business. It also encourages increased awareness of the rapidly growing field of optimization through publications, conferences, joint research and student(More)
Due to quantity times quality nonlinear terms inherent in the oil-refining industry, performing industrialsized capital investment planning (CIP) in this field is traditionally done using linear (LP) or nonlinear (NLP) models whereby a gamut of scenarios are generated and manually searched to make expand and/or install decisions. Though mixed-integer(More)
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