Aljosa Dorni

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This paper presents an extension for network simulator-2 (ns-2) that enables the simulation of adaptive antennas in realistic channel conditions using MATLAB. A hybrid discrete-event discrete-time approach is adopted to exploit the scalability properties of ns-2 for the network simulation, and the modeling capabilities of MATLAB for the physical layer(More)
This paper presents a simulation platform that exploits the scalability properties of network simulator-2 (ns-2) for the discrete-event simulation of a telecommunication network, and adopts the open source tool Octave for the discrete-time implementation of adaptive antenna arrays. The physical antenna system, the beamforming algorithm, and the multipath(More)
This paper discusses the design requirements for enabling multiple simultaneous peer-to-peer communications in IEEE 802.11 asynchronous networks in the presence of adaptive antenna arrays, and proposes two novel access schemes to realize multipacket communication (MPC). Both presented solutions, which rely on the information acquired by each node during the(More)