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We describe the vocal repertoire of a facultatively social carnivore, the yellow mongoose, Cynictis penicillata. Using a combination of close-range observations, recordings and experiments with simulated predators, we were able to obtain clear descriptions of call structure and function for a wide range of calls used by this herpestid. The vocal repertoire(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the degree to which South African physicians use similar treatment guidelines in their prescription of antipsychotic medication. METHOD Data on the prescriptions for Xhosa patients with schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder were retrospectively examined to investigate differences between three catchment areas in the Western Cape,(More)
Cercopithecines have a highly conserved social structure with strong female bonds and stable, maternally inherited linear dominance hierarchies. This system has been ascribed to the pervasiveness of female philopatry within the typical multi-male, multi-female social groups. We examined the relationship between female philopatry, dominance hierarchies, and(More)
The higher incidence of left-handedness among males still remains a manifest and interesting phenomenon. For instance, Clark indicated that 7.84% of her male respondents were left-handed compared to 3.91% of the females. A study in South Africa among 882 students (mean age 13 years) yielded similar results: 11.13% of the males were left-handed compared to(More)
Primates are intensely social and exhibit extreme variation in social structure, making them particularly well suited for uncovering evolutionary connections between sociality and vocal complexity. Although comparative studies find a correlation between social and vocal complexity, the function of large vocal repertoires in more complex societies remains(More)
Theory predicts that cheating individuals should alter their behaviour to avoid detection, yet empirical data for such 'deceptive' behaviour (and its putative consequence-punishment) is almost entirely absent from the literature. This dearth of evidence, particularly among primates, limits our understanding of the evolution of deception and punishment.(More)
OBJECTIVE Epidemiological studies indicate that methamphetamine (MA) abuse poses a major challenge to health in the Western Cape. The objectives of this study were to retrospectively assess the trends, clinical characteristics and treatment demand of MA-related admissions to a psychiatric ward in this region. METHOD The clinical records of patients(More)