Aliya Kh Timoshenko

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The effects of antibodies to calcium-binding S100B protein diluted to 10(-12) (LAS100B) on the long-term sensitization in the Helix lucorum snail (neurobiological model of the anxious-depressive state) were evaluated. The administration of LAS100B prior to conditioning of long-term sensitization in the terrestrial snail 10 min prior to the first electric(More)
Injection of antibodies to Ca-binding protein S-100 in a dilution of 10(-12) before the formation of long-term sensitization in Helix lucorum (10 min before the first electric shock) prevented the increase in defense reactions of pneumostome closure and ommatophore withdrawal. Thus, we demonstrated a protective effect of low-dose antibodies to S-100 on the(More)
The lines of Caenorhabditis elegans displaying low (LT) and high (HT1, HT2, and HT3) thermotolerance were obtained from the wild line N2 by artificial selection for thermostability of locomotion and by natural selection in laboratory for thermotolerance of fertility under tolerable environmental temperature elevation. All these lines are new genetic(More)
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