Aliya Isaeva

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The complex cellulolytic microbial community of the horse intestines is a convenient model for studying the ecology of bacteriophages in natural habitats. Unlike the rumen of the ruminants, this community of the equine large intestine is not subjected to digestion. The inner conditions of the horse gut are much more stable in comparison to other mammals,(More)
The processes of global changes of climate and biosphere interplay and manifest themselves at the most in the boreal zone of the planet, in particular in Eurasia. Satellite methods of remote observation of the Earth permit a regular monitoring of key characteristics of the state and the time course of changes of terrestrial geosystems necessary to estimate,(More)
Menopause is a crucial time in the life of any women. Perhaps the severity of menopausal symptoms defines further state of female health. The aim of the study is to assess changes of cardiovascular system during perimenopause and the connection between this changes and severity of menopausal symptoms. The data of 155 premenopausal women without coronary(More)
Practices of food sharing as part of the brotherhood and hospitality interpretation have been essential part of the Kazakh ethnic culture since early times. Dialogue in time and space between Kazakhs through differences in food interpretation among the ethnic repatriates may become a link connecting them and platform for stable relations with the host(More)
Biopharmaceutical industry currently produces considerable quantity of novel recombinant preparations by way of overexpression in Escherichia coli cells, an inexpensive, efficient, time-proven, and practically feasible system of heterologous expression. Due to the instability of maintenance and inheritance of expression vectors in producer cells, the cells(More)
The report focuses on such an important indicator of the nature and direction of development of ethnic and cultural processes in the Republic of Kazakhstan, as ethno linguistic situation. It is shown that, in essence, on the one hand, expresses the degree of the actual propagation and the level of use of the languages of the various ethnic communities. On(More)
In an acute pharmacological test in 13 healthy volunteers (24 +/- 4) years old effects were studied of propranolol, 40 mg/50 kg body mass, on the sympathovagal regulation and phase patterns of the cardiac cycle. The study was made with the aid of the computer electrocardiograph "Cardiolab 2000" at the height of the propranolol effect by standard methods.(More)
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