Alix Vargas

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Inter-enterprise architecture (IEA) is a new concept that seeks to apply the tools and methodologies of enterprise architecture (EA) in a collaborative context, in order to model collaborative organizations in an inclusive manner. According to the main enterprise architectures proposed to this point, an EA should be conformed at least for a framework, a(More)
Most enterprise architectures published so far are capable of generating reasonably good descriptive models for individual enterprises to enable integration, organization and synchronization of enterprise elements: organizational structure, business processes, information systems and technology infrastructure, among others. However, research in this field(More)
This paper proposes the concept of Inter-Enterprise Architecture (IEA), which seeks the application of tools and methodologies developed in the Enterprise Architecture (EA) field for the individual firm, adapting to an environment of collaboration between several companies that make networks or supply chains, in order to facilitate the integration and(More)
A complete Inter-Enterprise Architecture should be conformed to a framework, a methodology and a modelling language. In this sense, this paper proposes an initial Framework for Inter-Enterprise Architecture (FIEA), which organizes, stores, classifies and communicates in a conceptual level the elements of the Inter-Enterprise Architecture (IEA) and their(More)
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