Alistair Robert Hunter

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Cattle exhibiting the vulvovaginitis form of the IBR complex are sexually mature females that do not appear ill. Signs of IPV include a thick yellow to brown vulvar discharge that attaches to the vulvar tuft of hair. The vulva is swollen and the vulvar and vaginal lining is reddened, dying and/or contains small whitish-colored pustules. The vaginal-vulvar(More)
The course of experimental infection in groups of 6-month-old castrated lambs with field isolates of Mycoplasma agalactiae from France was followed culturally and serologically for 7 months. Infection with an ovine field isolate following inoculation by different routes and contact exposure was compared with that caused similarly by a caprine field isolate.(More)
T H E mortality from pneumonectomy for lung cancer is considerable especially when it is performed in the elderly or relatively unfit. Price Thomas (1955) has described an operation designed to reduce this seriously high death rate. It consists essentially in removal of the lobe in which the cancer is growing, together with a portion of the main stem(More)
Diazepam (Valium) was given to 13 patients during nitrous oxide, oxygen and halothane anaesthesia. Abdominal relaxation was not regularly produced and the amount of tubocurarine required subsequently to produce relaxation was the same as required in patients who had not had diazepam. The drug produced central respiratory depression affecting tidal volume(More)
Fourteen outbreaks of pneumonia in sheep following dipping in carbolic dips were investigated at seven laboratories. Deaths commonly occurred between one and three days after dipping and fat young sheep of the Suffolk and Border Leicester breeds were most usually involved in outbreaks. The pneumonia was characterised by hyperaemic, oedematous and cyanotic(More)