Alistair McIntosh

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Fat-associated lymphoid clusters (FALCs) are a type of lymphoid tissue associated with visceral fat. Here we found that the distribution of FALCs was heterogeneous, with the pericardium containing large numbers of these clusters. FALCs contributed to the retention of B-1 cells in the peritoneal cavity through high expression of the chemokine CXCL13, and(More)
The state in which macrophages (Mphi) from regressing Moloney sarcomas could kill tumor target cells was a highly labile one which decayed rapidly in vitro. Thereafter, regressor Mphi were noncytolytic. Mphi from several different progressing sarcomas failed to kill, even when challenged with target cells immediately after explantation. Similarly,(More)
The intracellular distribution of F-actin and myosin has been examined in mouse peritoneal macrophages by immunofluorescence microscopy. In resting, adherent cells, F-actin was distributed in a fine networklike pattern throughout the cytoplasm. Myosin, in contrast, was distributed in a punctate pattern. After treatment with cytochalasin B (CB), both(More)
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