Alistair Lethbridge

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Immediate memory span and maximal articulation rate were assessed for word sets differing in frequency, word-neighborhood size, and average word-neighborhood frequency. Memory span was greater for high- than low-frequency words, greater for words from large than small phonological neighborhoods, and greater for words from high- than low-frequency(More)
that it was to collect Gurjun oil for the treatment of lepers. I was surprised to find how unanimous they all were as to its being a great cure. One man, a Sikh, thinking 1 was incredulous said, "why saheb if you don't believe us you can see for yourself by going across to the hospital at Haddo." The day after my arrival I visited the Leper Hospital with(More)
CONTEXT Interprofessional learning (IPL) is valuable in preparing health care students to work collaboratively in teams, with patients' needs at the core. Patient-centredness is the impetus for communication and collaboration in health care. Debate continues on when it is best to develop positive student attitudes towards these aspects of care. Should IPL(More)
sensible of the great debt due to Dr. Busteed for the sagacious and indefatigable researches which he conducted into the history of " Old Calcutta," for the light which he threw upon the life and conversation of our countrymen in that city, and for the graphic pictures drawn by his careful pen of one of the most momentous periods in the growth of our Indian(More)
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