Alistair Lawrie

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Osteoprotegerin (OPG), a glycoprotein traditionally implicated in bone remodelling, has been recently related to cardiovascular disease (CVD). Human studies show a positive relationship between circulating OPG, vascular damage, and CVD, and as such OPG has emerged as a potential biomarker for CVD. This review focuses on the relationship between circulating(More)
OBJECTIVE The risk of stroke in patients with recently symptomatic carotid stenosis is considerably higher than in patients with asymptomatic stenosis. In the present study it was hypothesised that excessive platelet activation might partly contribute to this difference. METHODS A full blood count was done and whole blood flow cytometry used to measure(More)
INTRODUCTION The investigation of platelet function by aggregometry requires specialist equipment and is labour intensive. We have developed an automated platelet aggregation method on a routine coagulation analyser. METHODS We used a CS-2000i (Sysmex) with prototype software to perform aggregation in platelet-rich plasma (PRP), using the following(More)
INTRODUCTION The Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) has produced a guideline detailing how to determine the activated partial thromboplastin time's (APTT) sensitivity to clotting factor deficiencies, by mixing normal and deficient plasmas. Using the guideline, we determined the factor sensitivity of two APTT reagents. METHODS APTTs were(More)
Bilateral internal auditory canal (IAC) tumours are almost exclusively associated with bilateral vestibular schwannomas, and there is very little, if anything, that can mimic this appearance. We present a very rare case of a 75-year-old gentleman who initially presented with bilateral IAC tumours and later diagnosed as an isolated primary CNS myeloma(More)
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