Alistair Jones

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Prospective clinical observational study of low back pain (LBP) in patients undergoing laminectomy or laminotomy surgery for lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS). To quantify any change in LBP following laminectomy or laminotomy spinal decompression surgery. 119 patients with LSS completed Oswestry Disability Index questionnaire (ODI) and Visual Analogue Scale for(More)
Natural Language Generation for personality rich characters represents one of the important directions for believable agents research. The typical approach to interactive NLG is to hand-author textual responses to different situations. In this paper we address NLG for interactive games. Specifically, we present a novel templatebased system that provides two(More)
There exists a lack of comparative evaluations between interactive tabletops and their traditional counterparts due to the radically different nature of the two environments and the overly complex dynamics of collocated collaboration. We seek to address this gap in the literature with a preliminary comparative evaluation of the two paradigms. The most(More)
Cyclic esotropia is a rare entity in which an esotropia presents in a regular 48-96 hour cycle, typically described as a 24-hour period of orthotropia followed by a 24-hour period of esotropia. The underlying mechanism of this phenomenon is unknown. Treatment usually involves surgical correction of the manifest strabismus. We report the case of a 3-year-old(More)
Surface micromachined, capacitive ultrasonic transducers have been fabricated using a low thermal budget, CMOS-compatible process. This process allows inherent control of parameters such as membrane size and thickness, cavity size and the intrinsic stress in the membrane to be achieved. Devices fabricated using this process exhibit interesting properties(More)
Surface micromachined, capacitive ultrasonic transducers have been fabricated using a low thermal budget, CMOS-compatible process. They exhibit interesting properties for transduction in air at frequencies in excess of 1 MHz, when driven from a standard ultrasonic voltage source. Experiments are described using 1 mm square devices in air, operating in both(More)
The recently launched TATIN-PIC Project at the University of Technology of Compiègne is a multi-modal collaborative work environment for teams performing preliminary design. In this paper, we present the design and reasoning for the plans of our groupware system. Effective preliminary design teamwork requires alternating stages of discussion,(More)
We have constructed TATIN-PIC, a collaborative work environment consisting of an interactive tabletop and an interactive board, in order to explore phases beyond brainstorming in preliminary design. In this article, we present the TATIN-PIC platform, as well as our evaluation methodology which focuses on crucial face-to-face communication around the(More)