Alistair J Lewthwaite

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Approximately 3.6% of patients with Parkinson's disease develop symptoms before age 45. Early-onset Parkinson's disease (EOPD) patients have a higher familial recurrence risk than late-onset patients, and 3 main recessive EOPD genes have been described. We aimed to establish the prevalence of mutations in these genes in a UK cohort and in previous studies.(More)
Parkinson's disease (PD) is the second most common neurodegenerative disease after Alzheimer's disease. Some debate still exists as to whether PD is predominantly environmental or genetic in etiology. The genetic hypothesis of PD etiology has been driven recently by the identification of a number of PD loci. This review deals with each of these loci,(More)
The past 10 years has seen a shift in our etiological concepts of Parkinson's disease, moving from a nearly exclusively environmentally mediated disease towards a complex disorder with important genetic contributors. The identification of responsible mutations in certain genes, particularly alpha-synuclein, Parkin, PINK1, DJ-1 and LRRK2, has increased our(More)
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