Alistair D. C. Holden

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BACKGROUND Our aim was to investigate whether a nurse-coordinated multidisciplinary, family-based preventive cardiology programme could improve standards of preventive care in routine clinical practice. METHODS In a matched, cluster-randomised, controlled trial in eight European countries, six pairs of hospitals and six pairs of general practices were(More)
(1988). MANDIS/Amoeba: A widely dispersed object-oriented operating system. The contract-net protocol: high-level communication and control in a distributed problem solver. ent cooperation is a considered to be a difficult task (Lesser and Corkill, 1981; Davis and Smith, 1983). CONCLUSIONS Research in cooperation and coordination among independent nodes(More)
BACKGROUND The association between pelvic fracture pattern and the need for pelvic arterial embolization remains controversial. To address this issue, a study of the experience at Auckland Hospital was undertaken. METHODS Review was undertaken of a trauma database, blood bank database, patient records and pelvic radiographs. Of the 364 pelvic fracture(More)
The experience acquired in an anticoagulation clinic during 4 1/2 years is reviewed to demonstrate the effectiveness of such a clinic and to provide the practicing physician with guidelines for managing outpatient oral anticoagulation therapy. The experience is based on anticoagulant therapy in 141 patients during 1,264 patient-months. The patient(More)
The authors assessed the cost effectiveness of monitoring warfarin therapy guided by standard plasma prothrombin times performed on blood samples obtained by venipuncture versus prothrombin times performed on capillary whole blood samples obtained by fingerstick. Twenty patients receiving long-term oral anticoagulation had either standard or capillary(More)
To assess the effectiveness of videotape patient education, 22 patients were randomized to receive either videotape or personalized teaching for oral anticoagulant (warfarin) therapy. Both groups scored significantly higher on a questionnaire designed to assess knowledge gained after instruction, with no significant difference between the two groups.(More)
The aim of the work reported here was to develop problem-solving programs which would solve non-trivial problems and make use of their experience. In all of the work published previously there is a clearly discernible trade-off between problem-solving power and generality. This deadlock could be broken by the development of (a) programs which can make use(More)