Alissa Nelson

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BACKGROUND Influenza vaccine is underused in groups targeted for vaccination. OBJECTIVE To define the effects of influenza and the benefits of influenza vaccination in elderly persons with chronic lung disease. DESIGN Retrospective, multiseason cohort study. SETTING Large managed care organization. PATIENTS All elderly members of a managed care(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the validity of self-reported influenza and pneumococcal vaccination status. DESIGN Cross-sectional surveys of outpatients aged 65 years or older. SETTING A Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VA) and a community managed care organization (MCO). Both organizations have organized influenza and pneumococcal vaccination programs. (More)
Intervention clinical trials are under way to address whether tamoxifen can prevent breast cancer development. This effort is based on laboratory evidence that tamoxifen interferes with the initiation and promotion of mammary cancer, clinical evidence of decreased breast cancer incidence in the opposite breast of women participating in tamoxifen adjuvant(More)
High-dose chemotherapy with autologous bone marrow or stem cell rescue (HDC/ASCR) has been proposed as a promising treatment strategy for breast cancer. Despite the frequency with which this procedure is performed, the role of HDC/ASCR in the treatment of breast cancer remains undefined. The purpose of this review is to examine the rationale for the(More)
BACKGROUND More than 50% of the elderly population has not received pneumococcal vaccination. Uncertainty regarding the benefits of immunization, particularly for noninvasive disease, may contribute to the underuse of pneumococcal vaccine. OBJECTIVE To assess the health and economic benefits associated with pneumococcal vaccination. METHODS We conducted(More)
BACKGROUND Callers to 2-1-1 have greater need for and lesser use of cancer control services than other Americans. Integrating cancer risk assessment and referrals to preventive services into 2-1-1 systems is both feasible and acceptable to callers. PURPOSE To determine whether callers will act on these referrals. METHODS In a randomized trial, 2-1-1(More)
Clostridium difficile infection (CDI) sometimes plays an important part in the clinical course of patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). CDI is more common in patients with inflammatory bowel disease and may provoke flares of the disease. There is a worrying recent rise in reported incidence in both IBD and non-IBD patients. While, in IBD patients,(More)
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