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Industry leaders and educators in Computer and Information Technology (CIT) have expressed a need for graduates to have a background in professional, societal, and ethical concerns as well as a strong technical capability (Huff and Martin, 1995). Some educators have gone so far as to include cultural awareness: "The cultural dimensions of information(More)
Ngä Wähine Maori o BCS: Kanohi ki te kanohi The three authors were all concerned with the number of women, in particular the number of Maori women, enrolled in the BCS degree programme. The concept of an investigative research project to identify issues about Maori women was discussed. It was identified that there were numerous issues to investigate: the(More)
The need to align investments in health research and development (R&D) with public health demands is one of the most pressing global public health challenges. We aim to provide a comprehensive description of available data sources, propose a set of indicators for monitoring the global landscape of health R&D, and present a sample of country indicators on(More)
There has been a recent surge of interest in so-called Learning Management Systems-generally Web-based technologies which facilitate student access to, and participation in, a course or program. Closer inspection show that although there are some useful learning aids in terms of information access, chat forums and review, the major emphasis is on(More)
"It is one of our major follies that,whatever we say, we don't in reality regard women as suitable for scientific careers. We thus neatly divide our pool of potential talent by two." Introduction Concern has been expressed by people in industry and in education about the low numbers of women participating in tertiary level computer science and information(More)
We compared several strategies for identifying and estimating effects from a genetic locus in the etiology of a complex trait. For our analyses we used data from simulated trait 1 and chromosome 5. Results from analysis of the first 20 replicates showed that a components of variance test provided considerably better power for identifying linkage than tests(More)
At the SIGCSE Symposium in 2007, the ACM Education Board organized a well-attended special session exploring the crisis in computing education and its underlying causes. The idea behind the session was to provide a forum at which a larger and more broadly representative subset of the education community could engage in direct dialogue with the members of(More)
Computing has a significant impact on sustainable outcomes and computing education for sustainability has previously been identified as an important goal. This paper aims to address a barrier to the integration of sustainability into computing teaching -- that of a perceived paucity of resources. The "framework" (Computing Education for Sustainability,(More)
Better estimates of changes in the level and structure of national, regional, and global expenditures on health research and development (R&D) are needed as an important source of information for advancing countries' health research policies. However, such estimates are difficult to compile and comparison between countries needs careful calibration. We(More)