Alison Young

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There is overwhelming evidence that the maintenance of enteral feeding is beneficial in patients in whom oral access has been diminished or lost. Short-term enteral access is usually achieved via naso-enteral tube placement. For longer term tube feeding there are recognised advantages for enteral feeding tubes placed percutaneously. The provision of a(More)
At the SIGCSE Symposium in 2007, the ACM Education Board organized a well-attended special session exploring the crisis in computing education and its underlying causes. The idea behind the session was to provide a forum at which a larger and more broadly representative subset of the education community could engage in direct dialogue with the members of(More)
Computing has a significant impact on sustainable outcomes and computing education for sustainability has previously been identified as an important goal. This paper aims to address a barrier to the integration of sustainability into computing teaching -- that of a perceived paucity of resources. The "framework" (Computing Education for Sustainability,(More)
OBJECTIVE To delineate the anatomic architecture of the melolabial fold with surrounding structures and to elucidate potential implications for face-lift techniques. METHODS A total of 100 facial halves (from 50 cadaveric heads) were studied, including gross and microscopic dissection and histologic findings. Laboratory findings were correlated with(More)
Industry leaders and educators in Computer and Information Technology (CIT) have expressed a need for graduates to have a background in professional, societal, and ethical concerns as well as a strong technical capability (Huff and Martin, 1995). Some educators have gone so far as to include cultural awareness: "The cultural dimensions of information(More)
The topic of women in computer science has recently been getting more and more attention. The special issue of the SIGCSE Bulletin inroad (Volume 34, Number 2, published in June 2002) is one of the milestones that indicate this trend. However, a review of this special issue reveals that though the topic is examined from different angles, only one paper(More)
This report expands upon the work started by an ITiCSE 2005 Working Group, which established the groundwork for collecting and analyzing the oral histories of computing educators and provided a foundation for the Computing Educators Oral History Project (CEOHP). The main charge for the Working Group during ITiCSE 2008 was to begin analyzing the interviews(More)
BACKGROUND Standardization of imaging obtained in children with neuroblastoma is not well established. This study examines chest CT in pediatric patients with high-risk neuroblastoma. PROCEDURE Medical records and imaging from 88 patients with high-risk neuroblastoma, diagnosed at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital between January, 2002 and December,(More)