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OBJECTIVE To summarize speech outcomes in children born with unilateral cleft lip and palate (UCLP) throughout the United Kingdom. DESIGN Prospective descriptive study on a cross-sectional sample of children. PATIENTS/PARTICIPANTS Data were collected for 238 5-year-olds (born between April 1, 1989, and March 31, 1991) and 218 12-year-olds (born between(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe facial development and appearance, quality of bone grafts, oral health, and patient/parent satisfaction, with clinical outcome, for children in two age cohorts born with unilateral cleft lip and palate (UCLP) throughout the United Kingdom. DESIGN Cross-sectional outcome study. SETTING Fifty National Health Service cleft centers. (More)
The aim of this cross-sectional clinical outcome study using retrospective data capture of treatment histories was to examine the characteristics of children born with unilateral cleft lip and palate (UCLP) in the United Kingdom (UK) who were not grafted at the appropriate age or who had an unsuccessful secondary alveolar bone graft. The subjects were born(More)
In the United Kingdom (UK) over the last 10 years, there has been a significant increase in the use of vacuum-formed retainers (VFRs) rather than conventional Hawley retainers. There are currently no data to compare the cost-effectiveness of this change in practice. The two aims of this study were to compare (1) the cost-effectiveness of VFRs and Hawley(More)
OBJECTIVES To develop an assessment tool for use in intercenter audit studies of cleft speech and to test its acceptability, validity, and reliability. The tool is to be used systematically to record and report speech outcomes, providing an indication of treatment needs and continuing burden of care. SETTING Regional Cleft Center, U.K. METHODS The Cleft(More)
Wharton, B. A., Gough, G., Williams, A., Kitts, S., and Pennock, C. A. (1972). Archives of Disease in Childhood, 47,74. Urinary total hydroxyproline: creatinine ratio. Range of normal, and clinical application in British children. The total hydroxyproline: creatinine ratio has been determined in random samples of urine collected from 1577 normal Bristol(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the prevalence and range of complications following tongue piercing. METHODS A survey of individuals with tongue piercings ('piercees') and tongue piercers was undertaken in the South West of England. One hundred and twenty-three piercees completed a self-administered questionnaire and 22 piercers took part in an interviewer-led(More)
An investigation into the causes of non-compliance by patients using eyedrops has been undertaken by questionnaire, ability tests, and by tests on eyedrop bottles. The results indicate a high prevalence of non-compliance, compounded by an inability adequately to instill a drop into the eye. About half the patients had difficulty aiming the drop, and other(More)
The aim of this study was to determine which of two occlusal indices were the most appropriate for use in the assessment of orthognathic outcome. The indices used were the Peer Assessment Rating (PAR) Index and the Index of Treatment Complexity, Outcome, and Need (ICON). These indices were validated against the subjective assessments of treatment outcome(More)