Alison Talbot-Smith

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The associations among certain allergic disorders, atopy upon skin-prick testing, and specific cancers were evaluated in a prospective study. Information regarding history of asthma and hay fever was collected by questionnaire from 3,308 cancer-free participants in the 1981 Busselton Health Survey. A subset of 1,005 participants also underwent skin-prick(More)
BACKGROUND The article by Feachem et al, published in the BMJ in 2002, claimed to show that, compared with the United Kingdom (UK) National Health Service (NHS), the Kaiser Permanente healthcare system in the United States (US) has similar healthcare costs per capita, and performance that is considerably better in certain respects. AIM To assess the(More)
Left-handedness may be an indicator of intrauterine exposure to oestrogens, which may increase the risk of breast cancer. Women (n=1786) from a 1981 health survey in Busselton were followed up using death and cancer registries. Left-handers had higher risk of breast cancer than right-handers and the effect was greater for post-menopausal breast cancer(More)
This is the first report of familial idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis associated with hepatic nodular regenerative hyperplasia and bone marrow hypoplasia. Four members of one family presented with this triad of organ dysfunction. The response to immunosuppressive treatment was poor and all four members succumbed to the disease processes. The current literature(More)
BACKGROUND CHD, stroke and cancers are the major causes of mortality in the UK and are responsible for significant amounts of morbidity and healthcare costs. This study examines the proportion of CHD, stroke and cancer owing to specific risk factors in Herefordshire, UK. It estimates the population impact of a number of interventions being implemented to(More)
This study examines the incidence of antibiotic-associated diarrhoea (AAD) in children in the community setting. Parents of 965 children aged 4-6 years and resident in rural/semi-rural South Australia completed a questionnaire on socio-demographic factors, and a 6-week daily diary detailing symptoms of gastroenteritis, antibiotic use, respiratory illness,(More)
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