Alison S Garvey

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A plant-based system for continuous production of monoclonal antibodies based on the secretion of immunoglobulin complexes from plant roots into a hydroponic medium (rhizosecretion) was engineered to produce high levels of single-chain and full-size immunoglobulins. Replacing the original signal peptides of monoclonal antibodies with a plant-derived(More)
Amplification promoting sequence (aps), from tobacco rDNA, was found to induce amplification and enhances the expression of heterologous genes, consequently increasing the expression of transgenic proteins in tobacco. In this report we demonstrate that aps element also affects integration, transcription, and translation of a soybean protease inhibitor,(More)
Plant extracts collected from the wild are important sources for drug discovery. However, these extracts suffer from a lack of reproducible bioactivity and chemical composition caused by the highly inducible, variable, and transitory nature of plant secondary metabolism. Here, we demonstrate that exposing roots of hydroponically grown plants to chemical(More)
This Essay reports the results of an interdisciplinary project comparing political science and legal approaches to forecasting Supreme Court decisions. For every argued case during the 2002 Term, we obtained predictions of the outcome prior to oral argument using two methods—one a statistical model that relies on general case characteristics, and the other(More)
A regional, multistate investigation into a June-August 2013 cyclosporiasis outbreak was conducted in Nebraska, Iowa, and neighbouring states. Cases were confirmed on the basis of laboratory and clinical findings. Of 227 cases in Iowa (n = 140) and Nebraska (n = 87) residents, 162 (71%) reported dining at chain A/B restaurants - 96% reported house salad(More)
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