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Glucagon-like peptide-2 (GLP-2) is a member of the glucagon multigene family that is produced by intestinal enteroendocrine cells in response to food intake. GLP-2 stimulates growth of the intestinal epithelium, enhances its barrier functions, and increases nutrient uptake. Therefore, a GLP-2 agonist may be efficacious in human diseases characterized by(More)
CNTO4088 is a monoclonal antibody to human IL-23. The X-ray structure of the Fab fragment revealed an unusual noncanonical conformation of CDR L1. Most antibodies with the kappa light chain exhibit a canonical structure for CDR L1 in which residue 29 anchors the CDR loop to the framework. Analysis of the residues believed to define the conformation of CDR(More)
Few frameworks exist to assist food system planning, especially for Indigenous Australian remote communities. We developed a Good Food Planning Tool to support stakeholders to collectively plan and take action for local food system improvement. Development occurred over a four-year period through an evolving four phase participatory process that included(More)
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