Alison R Davis

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We describe new ESS models of density regulation driven by genic selection to explain the cyclical dynamics of a social system that exhibits a rock-paper-scissors (RPS) set of three alternative strategies. We tracked changes in morph frequency and fitness of Lacerta vivipara and found conspicuous RPS cycles. Morphs of Uta and Lacerta exhibited parallel(More)
Studies of social birds and mammals have produced extensive theory regarding the formation and dynamics of kin-based social groups in vertebrates. However, comparing kin dynamics in birds and mammals to social reptiles provides the opportunity to identify selective factors that promote independent origins of kin sociality across vertebrates. We combined a(More)
Population-level comparative analyses can link microevolutionary processes within populations to macroevolutionary patterns of diversification. We used the comparative method to study the evolution of sexual size dimorphism (SSD) among populations of side-blotched lizards (Uta stansburiana). Uta stansburiana is polymorphic for different male mating and(More)
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