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Intimate strangers of the subterrain: A mycelial metaphor for connectivity
Hidden beneath ferns in a wet Victorian forest a tiny blue organism ekes out a brief existence on a fallen log. Mycena interrupta, or the pixie's parasol, stands just seven millimetres high. From itsExpand
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Fungi and biodiversity conservation
Go for a wander through a forest, woodland, desert or pretty much any terrestrial habitat and you'll be stepping into what may be a less familiar realm - that of the fungi kingdom.
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Recognition of the discipline of conservation mycology.
Fungi constitute one of the major lineages of life (with organisms treated as 'fungi' also scattered in other lineages).
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Anthropocene Autoscene: Image 3
The Allure of Fungi
Although relatively little known, fungi provide the links between the terrestrial organisms and ecosystems that underpin our functioning planet. The Allure of Fungi presents fungi through multipleExpand
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Enlichenment in the Wombat
Photographer and ecologist Alison Pouliot lives at Daylesford and is actively involved in the protection of forests and other natural areas in central Victoria.
Seeing the environment through the humanities. A new window on grand societal challenges
Environmental Humanities: New Energy for an Old Idea In June 1955, zoologist Marston Bates summarized a major interdisciplinary conference at Princeton University entitled Man’s Role in Changing theExpand
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Fleeting lives A photo essay
Nudging my way on my stomach beneath the twisted limbs of a fallen blackwood, I chance upon fungus. I do not know its name, but am content for it to remain nameless. I edge nearer for a closer look.Expand
An entangled exploration
This special issue of PAN: Philosophy, Activism, Nature invited authors to explore a spectrum of perspectives and ways of thinking about kingdom Fungi. For many people, fungi are perplexingExpand