Alison Pilnick

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The last decade has seen a wide range of experiments in health care reform intended to contain costs and promote effectiveness. In the USA, managed care and disease management have been major strategies in this endeavour. It has been argued that their apparent success has strong implications for reform in other countries. However, in this paper we ask(More)
Twenty academic psychologists and neuroscientists, with an interest in autism and based within the United Kingdom, were interviewed between 2012 and 2013 on a variety of topics related to the condition. Within these qualitative interviews researchers often argued that there had been a 'turn to infancy' since the beginning of the 21st century with focus(More)
Children with deafness who are also on the autistic spectrum are a group with complex support needs. Carers worry about their ability to communicate with them, and are often uncertain about what constitutes 'good' communication in this context. This paper analyses the use of a therapeutic intervention, Video Interaction Guidance (VIG), which originates in(More)
For young people with intellectual disabilities (ID), the transition from children's to adult services has long been recognised as a challenging move. One of the aims of the White Paper Valuing People (2001) was to address some of the problems associated with this transition. This paper reports on data from a project which examines the impact of these(More)
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